This map says you are here (2022)

Sound installation. Electromagnetic BPSK transmissions transposed to audible sound, for vertically-spatialized audio.

Premiered Nov. 13 2022
Eesti Muusika ja Teatriakadeemia
Tallinn, Estonia

Photos by Andrea Gudiño

Program Notes

“Looking at the map, we view ourselves from above. Abstracted from time, the map suggests our terrain to be permanent and unchanging. We define our locations by the things that surround us, but our relations to geographical reference points have become increasingly distant and vague. Some 20,000km overhead, GPS satellites form fleeting trios, constructing my position and my course“

Technical Notes

GPS satellites transmit psuedo-random binary encoded into phase alternations, 0 being 0° and 1 being 180°. The sounds for this piece were created by applying this method to synthesis, realized in VCV Rack, with “random binary” generated by a bernoulli gate. These sounds were then composed into long asymmetrical cycles, diffused in 3 floors of a stairwell each containing it’s own “satellite.”